8 Channel Digital Input Board

XIO-DI8 board
XIO-DI8 board XIO-DI8 board

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The XIO-DI8 performs the interface function of isolating and conditioning external input voltage signals into levels compatible with standard 8-bit TTL/CMOS digital ports such as those found on Single-Board-Computers and Microcontrollers. Eight optically isolated and non-polarized input channels allows any combination of DC or AC signals to be monitored.

The input voltage range for each channel is individually configured by means of a socketed resistor. In addition, low-pass filters can be selectively enabled for the reliable measurement of AC or noisy DC signals. The eight conditioned channels form a byte where each bit reflects the state of one input, Bit-0 = IN0, Bit-1 = IN1 and so on. Activated inputs cause a logic "1" to appear in the associated bit position. The byte is buffered and drives one of three possible Host digital input ports.

Which Host port will be driven is determined by installing a single resistor network in one of three corresponding DIP sockets. This routes the output byte to only the designated Host input port. The two remaining Host ports remain unaffected and available for other purposes, including additional XIO family boards.

Connections between the Host and XIO-DI8 is made through dual IDC headers which directly support the two most common pinout arrangements. Other pinouts are easily accommodated using custom cable assemblies. Field wiring is made through a single 16-position removable screw-terminal strip that accepts wires in the range of 12-24 AWG.

The XIO-DI8 operates from a single +5Vdc supply which can be provided by the Host, through either of the IDC headers, or externally by means of a two-position removable screw-terminal strip.

For ease of installation, the XIO-DI8 can be mounted in one of three ways: Placed within a 3" SNAPTRACK® (121-0003), By using standoffs, or By attaching it to a DIN rail using optional SNAPTRACK® adapter clips (121-0004).


  • Allows an 8-bit digital input port to monitor combinations of AC and DC voltage input signals
  • 500V isolation between Host and field signals
  • Hardware programmable input voltage range on each channel
  • Dual IDC input headers support the two common digital I/O pin-outs
  • Input filters ensure reliable measurement of AC or noisy DC signals
  • Works with products from SCIDYNE and as well as from other manufactures



Description:Eight channel optically-isolated digital input interface board
Power Requirement:+5Vdc ±5% @ 125mA typical.
Host or Externally supplied, Power-On LED
Environmental:Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Non-condensing relative humidity: 5% to 95%
CA Residents: Warning - Prop 65 Info
Product Origin:Designed, Engineered, and Assembled in U.S.A. by SCIDYNE Corporation using domestic and foreign components.
Dimensions:3.00" W x 9.50" L x 1.35" H
Mounting:Mount using Standoffs, SNAPTRACK® or DIN Rail
Isolation:500V DC or AC, input-to-output
Isolation between adjacent input channels: 250V maximum
Digital Inputs from Field:
General:Eight independent non-polarized optically isolated inputs, Status LEDs
Connections:16-position removable screw-terminal strip, accepts wires 12-24 AWG
Input Voltage:Each channel is programmable by means of a socketed resistor
DC: 3V minimum, 250V maximum, non-polarized
AC: 3VPP minimum, 250VPP maximum, 40hz to 1khz
Input Current:3.5ma Minimum, 25ma Maximum per input
Input Power:1.4watts Maximum per input
Propagation Delay:Input channel to output bit. Measured with 5Vinput signal, Rin = 1kΩ
Filter Disabled: On: 40μs Off: 100μs
Filter Enabled: On: 20ms Off: 85ms
AC Input Filter:RC type Low-Pass. Switch selectable on a per input basis
Digital Output to Host:
General:Drives one of three 8-bit ports, Port selected by DIP resistor network
Connections:50-Pin and 26Pin IDC headers. Supports the two most common pin outs
Output Levels:TTL/CMOS compatible
Logic "0": 1.35Vdc maximum
Logic "1": 3.15Vdc minimum
Output Impedance:Driven port: 47Ω , primarily from output resistor network

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