24-Channel Digital I/O Interface for Arduino, Genuino, and Compatibles


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The DIO24 ARD adds 24 digital I/O channels to an Arduino/Genuino UNO, MEGA 2560, or other (+5 Volt) compatibles. The specialized circuitry makes it easy to connect Solid-State I/O Racks, Switches, Relays, LEDs, and many other commonly encountered peripheral devices.

External devices connect to the DIO24-ARD through a single 50 conductor IDC ribbon cable style connector. The pin-out is fully compatible with standard 8, 16 and 24 position Solid State I/O module racks available from a variety of third-party vendors.

Each DIO24-ARD channel is individually defined through software to operate as either an input or output. Channels configured as outputs are capable of sinking 85ma.

The DIO24-ARD appears as a Serial-Peripheral-Interface (SPI) device. Only one Arduino digital output is required to function as the dedicated board Enable leaving all remaining Arduino digital I/O available for other purposes.

Get things up and running quickly with the supplied library. It includes routines for bit manipulation, port read and write, and controlling data direction.


  • 24 Individually programmable digital I/O channels
  • High output current capability (85ma sink)
  • Use supplied library or standard Arduino SPI functions
  • Jumper selectable Enable signal selection
  • Stack-Through connectors accommodate multiple shields
  • Drives industry standard Solid State I/O Module Racks and other peripheral devices



Number of Channels:24 Individually programmable digital I/O channels, non-isolated
Input Level:Logic 0 = 0.8vdc maximum, -0.3vdc minimum
Logic 1 = 2.0vdc minimum, 5.6vdc maximum
Output Level:Logic 0 = < 1.0vdc (15ma load)
Logic 1 = > 2.5vdc (500ua load)
Output Current,
Per Channel (Max.):
Source: 1.0ma, passively by 4.7k Pull-Up resistor to +5V
Sink: 85ma, actively by open-collector transistor to 0V (GND)
Software:Uses standard Arduino SPI (ICSP) library functions
Communications:Serial-Peripheral-Interface (SPI) through Arduino ICSP connector. Requires one user designated Arduino digital output for enable, jumper selectable. EXT input for optional external enable signal.
SPI Configuration:   Mode: 0    SCK: 8 MHz maximum
Field Connections:50 Position IDC Ribbon Cable
Arduino Connections:Stack-through connectors allows multiple shields
Power: 8 Pos. x 1 Row
Analog: 6 Pos x 1 Row
Digital: 8 Pos x 1 Row, 10 Pos. x 1 Row
ICSP: 3 Pos x 2 Row
Power Requirement:Supplied by Arduino, +5vdc +/-5% @ 45ma typical, all ports written as 0xff, external loads excluded.
Dimensions:2.80"W x 2.97"L x 1.04"H overall, Modified Arduino R3 format
Environmental:Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Non-Condensing Relative Humidity: 5% to 95%
CA Residents: Warning - Prop 65 Info
Product Origin:Designed, Engineered, and Assembled in U.S.A. by SCIDYNE Corporation using domestic and foreign components.

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